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The life of a synthetic chemical expat - Tania Farmer Riesen

We all know how much horrible stuff is in our everyday environment, but to avoid everything is pretty much impossible. The challenge of reducing the amount of synthetic chemicals we ingest every day is a real one, and not one that is easy. For me there are two main issues. First, understanding what we should avoid and second, zealously reading labels, (always assuming that products are labeled correctly).

Then there's the flagging motivation when life pressures and lack of time get in the way, and the challenge of all the new information and data that changes what we thought was right or ok, to bad. For me its no longer a luxury option to choose natural over synthetic, I believe we need to change what we are doing to ourselves and the planet, now. We cannot wait for, or rely on government to help us, we need to do it ourselves, everyday. 

This blog charts my journey to a more natural, less synthetic chemical filled world. I want to be an expat from the world of synthetic chemicals. Along the way I hope to learn from others, share my mistakes and dispel some of the myths and false information that circulates about natural products and all things ecological.

A big part of my journey is making my own all natural skin care and natural cleaning products and I have studied Organic Skin Care Formulation, Aromatherapy and Herbalism. This area is however a lifetime study and I continue to learn and now to teach others as well. I love knowing what I put on my body, (or down my drains) is exactly what I choose and not something that is hidden behind a confusing label. I can help you do that too.

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