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Moisturizing Body Scrub

12/19/2014 - 11:51

Dry, flaky, dull, skin? Try making your own very simple three ingredient body scrub! This scrub not only gets rid of your flaky skin it leaves your skin moisturised and soft all day.

You need:

1 plastic container (never glass in the bathroom)

1 cup coarse brown sugar (Sucre de canne brut)

1 cup coconut oil (or olive oil also works well - but coconut is amazing!) stir

Add 10 drops of essential oil. This can be a combination of oils, or just one single oil

Essential oil ideas:

Lemon (fresh and invigorating, do not use in summer as your skin can become too sensitive to the sun)

Sweet orange (Even though this is ‘citrus’ is fine in the sun)


Vanilla - great in winter and goes well with the brown sugar – smells great

Use all over especially on the rough spots e.g. elbows, heels and rinse off leaving great smooth and moisturized skin!

Keep the lid on the scrub between use. I leave mine in the shower to touch up rough spots a few times a week. This scrub can last up to 6 weeks but I usually use this amount within 3 weeks.


I will try this and will let you know!!


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