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Autumn – balancing night and day

12/02/2014 - 10:06

Autumn is often overcast, wet and grey so bring warmth and colour into your home to help the transition from glorious late summer to the fantastic winter snow that is to come. (I love the snow says the Australian!) Take time to celebrate the harvest and make an event of this grey period by making small preparations for the winter. The autumn equinox is the day when day light hours and night time hours are in balance, this is a great time to reflect on our own inner dark side and accept it as much as we accept our light side.

Key word


To do


3 drops Cedarwood

3 drops Petitgrain


Room spray: Mix in 5 drops Hyssop and 5 drops Juniper to a small spray bottle of pure water

Put away summer clothes, themes and bring out pumpkins!

Find the door stops to block draughts, check heaters, lights and appliances for faults.

Get batteries for the smoke detector and flash lights



3 drops Clary Sage

3 drops Vetiver


Body oil: mix in a blend of orange, clary sage and ginger in a massage oil base or sweet almond oil base.



2 drops Black Pepper

2 drops Cinnamon

2 drops Ginger


Keep illness at bay with exercise and good warm seasonal food


Visit a thermal bath for a relaxing break or just take your own DIY bath at home (link)


Light candles in the evening to bring a soft glow to your home




3 drops Rosemary

3 drops Sage



6 drops Peppermint


6 drops Lavender

Walk in the forest and look for mushrooms and fungi, learn about the different types but don’t eat anything you are not sure of!


Is there something you have been meaning to read up on for a while? Now is the time!


Meditation 1 – balance, reflect on the light and dark sides of life, accept that your dark side is as much a part of you as your light side and seek the balance between the two. Mediation 2 – as the leaves fall reflect on the natural cycle of life and this time of letting go and releasing something that has been a burden to you.

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